8 Time-Saving Tips to Keep Your House Clean After a Renovation

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8 Time-Saving Tips to Keep Your House Clean After a RenovationAfter you get your home renovated, you get two things: a new and improved home and a dirty house. Thus, before you celebrate and bask in finishing the renovation, you have to clean things first.

Although it’s not exactly a glamorous task, you still have to do it.

If you want to quickly finish this task, here are eight time-saving tips to keep your house clean after a renovation.


Wipe All Surfaces

Wipe All SurfacesEven if you only renovated a particular part of your home, the smaller debris can float into the air and stick to various surfaces around your house.

Thus, you should make sure that you don’t discriminate when wiping the surfaces in your home. Ensure that you wipe down all surfaces, from the walls to the side of the furniture.

If your home didn’t have any items before you renovated it, the cleaning task should be minimal. But if you already moved into your home and then decided to remodel or renovate it, there are more things to clean.

Remember that the debris can travel farther than you think, so make sure that you are thorough.

Sweep the Floor

Sweep the FloorAfter the renovation process, there will be a lot of dust and debris around your home. We tell our clients at Maid Sailors Maid Service Chicago to start by sweeping the floor if you want to get the majority of it.

You might want to get yourself a mask so that you don’t inhale the dust and dirt floating in the air after you sweep it.

Also, if bigger pieces are lying around the floor, you don’t have to sweep them. Instead, you should be picking these larger items up and then throwing them away before you started cleaning the floors.

That way, they won’t be in the way when you’re trying to sweep away the smaller debris on the floor.

Vacuum and Mop

Vacuum and MopEven if you already swept the floors, there are still some dust remnants you’re going to miss. Thus, it would help if you went over the area once more using a vacuum.

Since you already swept the floor, your vacuum shouldn’t have to struggle as much to get the dust particles, but you should use it to get to hard to reach areas.

You should make sure to vacuum the pieces of furniture and upholstery as well. You might not see the layer of dust on them, but they could still be there.

After you vacuum your floors thoroughly, it’s now time to mop the floors. The mop should pick up the remaining dust if any because it’s wet.

Clean the Air Vents

Speaking of dust and floating debris, you should make sure that you also clean out the air vents in your home. The unbelievable amount of dust and debris that the renovation generated will make your air vents work too much to filter the dust and dirt.

Thus, it would help if you cleaned the filters and the ducts to ensure that there’s no build-up. If you leave it, your air conditioning system won’t be as efficient, and it will have to use more energy to work well.

Don’t overwork your HVAC system and clean the air vents out to ensure that it doesn’t.

Remove the Pesky Stains

You have to expect that there will be several stains around the house because of the renovation you had in your home.

If there are stains or fingerprints around your home, you can wipe those away with a gentle detergent and a damp microfiber cloth.

You might also want to check out the tiles in your home because there might be tile grout after all that commotion. Ensure that you scrape the grout away as well if this is the case.

Clean Windows, Doors, and Other Furniture

There are many other furniture pieces around your home that you should make sure to clean after a renovation.

For example, your doors and windows need that tender, loving care too. They can accumulate dust and debris, and if you leave it be, they might bring those back into your home. Thus, make sure that you wipe those down as well.

Aside from that, it would be best if you also considered cleaning the light fixtures around your home.

It would be helpful if you were washing them before you finish cleaning your floors. Otherwise, you’re going to have to clean the floors again.

Wash All the Cloth Covers

Wash All the Cloth CoversIf you renovated an already lived-in home, you have to take care of the cloth covers for various things.

From your table cloth to your pillowcases, everything will need a good washing. Otherwise, the dust is just there, and with one touch, they’re going to go flying around the room.

Aside from those, make sure that you also wash your curtains. These are dust traps, and they will accumulate dust after a renovation.

When handling these items, try and wear a mask so you don’t have to irritate your nose from all the dust.


Removing the dirt and dust build-up after a renovation goes hand-in-hand with disinfecting.

Since the refurbishment subjected your home to all sorts of debris exposure, you have to make sure that it won’t harm everyone’s health and safety.

Thus, make sure that you get yourself a disinfectant and go through as many parts of your home as possible.

Be careful with the type of disinfectant you use because it may affect the surface’s quality. Do a spot test first to see if nothing changes.

By cleaning your home after a renovation, you allow your home to shine so you’ll be better able to see the changes in their best form. Aside from that, you ensure that you have a clean, safe, and healthy home for everyone living there. Thus, you should make sure that you apply these cleaning tips after you renovate your home.

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